Looking for an affordable standing desk?

Sometimes you'll sit. Sometimes you'll stand. Hopefully you'll move too.
Standing desks are being widely praised for their health and productivity boosting qualities.

standing desk top extender

Standing Desk Top Extender

Convert your existing desk into a sit/stand standing desk with this simple tool. Your routine of sitting all day is about to be disrupted!

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sit-to-standing desks

Sit-To-Standing Desks

Perfect as a computer station or as a stand-alone compact desk, for all your sit/standing desk needs. Find out why!

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whole body vibration machine

Whole Body Vibration

More versatile and with a smaller footprint than a treadmill desk - move while you work with a whole body vibration machine.

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the sitting disease infographic

The Sitting Disease Infographic

What's The Sitting Disease? Find out with this print-ready infographic.

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why is excercise not enough video thumb

VIDEO: Why is Exercise Not Enough?

Watch this short video to find out how sitting is impacting you.

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