How Vibration Machines are Beneficial for Your Health

vibration machine health benefits

Through countless health and fitness studies, researchers have determined positive benefits to working out, and the right equipment that will help you reach that full potential. It’s been proven that once you start moving, your body releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins that improve your overall mental health. You’ll end up feeling more confident and happy, and ready to take on the world.

A recent Oxford study shows that whole body vibration machines are an effective form of weight loss that helps to combat diseases, improve your overall health and quality of life. Here are just some of the benefits from vibration workouts.

Builds Muscle

Vibration machines can help you lose weight while building muscle. Our muscles weaken and lose consistency as we age and become more inactive. Using a vibration machine for a few minutes a day can significantly increase muscle function and density. The simple vibration transmits energy through the body when you’re standing or sitting, causing muscles to contract and relax many times each second. Overall, this helps to strengthen and increase muscle mass.

Improves Metabolism

Having a slow metabolism makes weight loss extremely difficult, even with good diet and exercise. The act of whole body vibration can help improve your overall metabolism. It elevates your metabolic rate, especially the resting metabolism (when you’re sitting or sleeping). Having an increased metabolism aids in weight loss success, it can help burn calories more effectively.

vibration machine health benefits

Great For Disabilities

Working with an injury? Need a little more support starting up a workout routine? Don't let injuries, disabilities, illness, or weight problems get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. The T-Zone Vibration machine can get your heart rate up– no matter your limitations. A vibration chair is a great exercise tool for people with limited mobility, it is a great modifier for any workout to give you that edge in your fitness routine.

At The Office  

It has been proven that the simple act of standing instead of sitting may help you burn 20 to 50 more calories per hour, depending on your size. Using a T-Zone Standing Desk in the workplace, in conjunction with a vibration machine regime, can help you improve your daily health while you work. When you’re standing you burn more calories and improve blood flow, which sharpens your cognitive ability; therefore you have more energy, better focus, and an overall better mood while getting your work done.

At T-Zone, we understand not everyone has the ability or time to go to the gym and workout everyday. We lead busy lives that demand a lot, but don’t take your health for granted. Take a moment out of your day and give your body an easy vibration workout and feel the difference!

Exercises For Beach Body Season

exercises for beach body

Summer is right around the corner! It feels like just last week we were making New Year’s Resolutions to get fit and make time for exercise. While we are still weeks away from beach weather and you’re probably realizing now that you haven’t done much to fulfill your resolution. Well, it’s never too too late to get started on the path to getting in the best shape possible, even between a busy family life and work schedule.

The best way you can shed fat and burn calories quickly is to exercise. It is recommended that some type of physically activity be performed 4-5 times a week for best results! If you’re not a runner or do not enjoy running, there are other methods of exercise that might work for you like jumping on your T-Zone Vibration Machine for 10 minutes every day to lose inches and gain strength. Here are other ways to complement your vibration exercises:

EXERCISES (That aren’t running!)

  • Indoor cycling (burns 600 calories an hour)
  • Indoor Rowing (burns 840 calories an hour)
  • Jumping rope (burns 1000 calories an hour)
  • Elliptical (burns 600 calories an hour)
  • Treadmill walking (burns 300 calories an hour)

Between exercises, you should be practicing healthy eating habits, this includes cutting down on sweet and salty snacks at your work desk. Try making a fruit medley of your own, it’s a healthy snack that’ll still work to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If your work schedule is too demanding and you’re not able to commit to squeezing in time 4-5 days a week for exercise, it doesn’t have to mean the dreams of your ideal beach body is going down the drain. Believe it or not, there are still ways you can burn a ton of calories while at work.

exercises for beach body

  • Opt out of taking the elevator, take the stairs!
  • Go for a walk during your lunch break, and not in the mall.  Bring comfortable shoes that you’ll feel comfortable in and take a brisk walk around the block 2-3 times. Pick up your feet, swing your arms, and maintain a quick pace.
  • Try “Email-free Fridays” instead of clicking send, walk over and carry your message to your colleagues within the same office.
  • Use a T-Zone Standing Desk. Try standing instead of sitting as often as you can during your work shift, it increases the daily calories burned. The average person of approximately 150 pounds can burn about 114 calories an hour just by standing.

Standing while working promotes wellness and the proof is in the higher amount of calories that are burned while standing versus sitting. If we put it in at least 2 hours of standing throughout an 8 hour workday, it could do wonders for our posture, health and overall well-being. We should be able to stand for as long as our bodies will allow and then sit for 30 minutes before being able to stand for a long period of time again.

If you want to burn calories at work and improve your posture, consider using a T-Zone Standing Desk. The ‘Sit-to-Stand Desk’ is great for beginners because of it’s versatility. Take a look at all the different models and find one that works for you. Stand up for your fitness today!

6 New Year Tips To Get Healthy On The Job

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, life tends to slow down as we start hibernating and lounging in our homes. The lack of activity really makes it difficult to build any energy or get moving. On top of that, working at a desk makes us completely immobile for the majority of the day. This is not an ideal start to a New Year. Getting healthy start, has never been easier. All it takes is one easy step: standing! The ability to stand and move will help any person gain invaluable exercise that can make all difference to a person’s well-being.

Why is exercise not enough? We all know the importance of regular exercise, even highly trained athletes are at risk of sitting diseases. Why? Because if you sit for long portions of your day, you won’t be able to compensate for it before or after work.

The BBC, recently reported that there is mounting evidence that even if you exercise on a regular basis, it may not be enough to undue the damage of prolonged sitting. Sitting has been associated with many noncommunicable diseases like cancer, heart disease and much more. When we sit for long periods of the day, we are susceptible to weight gain, lower back pain and fatigue. Furthermore, sitting for long periods creates discomfort that prevents us from completing our work on time, which leads to unnecessary frustrations when our work is at desk level.

There are many ways you can stay healthy and  fit at your desk and job. We’ve compiled a list of nutritional and informative ways to get you staying healthy on the job:

Eat Healthy: Bring in more veggies and fruit in your tupperware. Eating well will make you feel well,  give you more energy and have you feeling great in the best way possible.

Stay Hydrated: Drink lots of water. We need to stay hydrated! We should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Our recommendations/ suggestion is to at least drink one bottle before lunch and one before leaving.

Stay Away from Elevators or Escalators: Sitting at your desk requires little movement and activity, so do elevators and escalators.  Take the opportunity to take the stairs, to get in a mini workout that will turn you into a whole new you.

Use T-Zone Standing Desk: Get moving right in front of your desk! The T-Zone Standing Desk is your easy, inexpensive and ergonomic solution for neck, back and leg pain associated with prolonged sitting. Use it to stand up and get more fit with daily office exercises, while working away on deadlines.

Forget Phone and Email: Instead of constantly replying to dozens or hundreds of emails, or calls. Take an opportunity to walk to your co-workers desk in person to follow-up on any work. Not only will it get you up and moving, but contribute to more effective communication.  

Walk at Lunch: Why sit at your desk or boring lunch room, when you can enjoy some fresh air and clear your mind by taking a walk. Take a moment to eat your lunch, and take a quick brisk walk around your office’s property.

How to Find an Amazing Holiday Gift

Lady giving a holiday gift

The holiday season is quickly approaching. That means a lot of great things are just around the corner like eggnog, spending time with family, cozy fires, glistening snow and bright lights. Unfortunately, if you don’t enjoy shopping then it also means some not so great things are just around the corner - like trying to find the perfect gift.

The stress of trying to find your special someone the perfect gift can be overwhelming, but don’t let it get the best of you. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed. So follow these simple steps:

1) Decide what your budget is and stick to it. This is a crucial first step because you don’t want to fall in love with a gift idea only to be disappointed by the price tag.

2) Decide whether you want to give them something fun and quirky, or something that they will use every day.

3) Use their personality as a guide. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift then you probably really care about them, and if you care about them then hopefully you know them well. What is their personality? Are they girly, eccentric, serious, off-the-wall, etc.?

4) Know their sense of style. Do they prefer traditional or modern design?

5) Consider their circumstance. What do they need? Have they recently moved, started a new job, or gone through a rough patch?

TZone Standing Desks could be the Holy Grail of gifts

Are you are looking to:

1) Find a great gift that is inexpensive (but not cheap) for someone who…

2) …is quirky, but still practical…

3) …is not ruled by tradition…

4) …prefers either traditional or modern design…

5) …regularly uses a desk for work or at home…

Then look no further than T-Zone Standing Desks!

Standing Desk Top Extenders

Standing Desk Top Extenders are the perfect, budget friendly gift for a spouse, friend or family member who wants to take a stand against sitting behind a desk all day. Standing Desk Top Extenders are the perfect introduction to the standing desk, they are inexpensive, and come in a range of sleek designs.

Sit to Stand Desks

Sit to stand desks are perfect to either compliment or replace your traditional desk. They are adjustable, because let’s face it, standing all day might not be any more appealing than sitting all day, and they come in a range of styles perfect for the office, home, or home office.

Whole body vibration

The perfect present for that person who just can’t keep still (or doesn’t want to) the T-Zone Vibration VT-15A, VT-20A, or VT-8A are the perfect way to keep moving while at work.

Standing desks and whole body vibration machines are great gift ideas, because they are as practical as they are fun. People always think about buying a standing desk, but not everyone gets around to doing it.  So get them the quirky but practical gift that they would give themselves.

School Kids and Standing Desks

Our office has been seeing more and more orders from schools for our standing desk extenders! We’re delighted - we know they’re a great fit for schools, since they’re affordable, portable, and adjustable.
In fact, there are several great uses some of our teacher customers have found for this desk extender, beyond as a riser for student desks:
● instant easels for art class
● easy display for small-group activities
● can be used in literacy centres to display big books 
● easily displays work for a math congress or other shared work activities
● allows teachers to stand and talk with the class while still being able to read notes and materials

If your school or classroom is curious about trying a standing option for some or all of your students, we’d like to help. Contact us for more ideas and an educator’s discount.

10 other uses for your standing desk extender

Standing desk extender in classroom

Standing desk extenders are so versatile, some people have found uses far away from the office!

1. To display
A teacher friend uses hers as a book stand when she’s not using it at her desk - kids can wander by and stop to take a look at whatever new book she’s encouraging that week.

2. As an easel
Painting is a lot easier to do when you’re eye to eye with it - and desk extenders are easy to find that perfect height and angle.

3. As a book shelf
Need some extra room? Extenders can carry up to 15 kgs, meaning they can make a great bookshelf!

4. On uneven surfaces
Since each leg is adjustable, one leg can be one height while another leg can be another. Set it up and voila! An even, useable surface.

5. As an iPad stand
Ever find your kids so close to the iPad they’re leaving nose prints? Set an extender up at a safe distance to limit eye strain.

6. As a recipe stand
We do a lot of cooking at this house. Just one accident involving a measuring cup full of milk and an ipad on the counter displaying my recipe convinced me it was a good idea to find a stand to use while cooking. And for my conventional cookbooks - no more messy pages!

standing desk extender as recipe stand

7. As a foot stand
Yes - we do sit down sometimes! Good ergonomics is just as important for the hips and knees as it is for the shoulders and elbows. In order to achieve this, you might need a foot stand to keep your legs at the correct angle.

8. For notes and reminders
A stand set up by the door is a perfect place to prop up notes that will catch the eye before you leave.

9. As a closet organizer
Got one of those extra deep and wide shelves that seem great but you can actually never find anything? Maximize your space by intersecting with a desk extender. Use two at different heights to customize!

10. As a bedside table
Overnight guest staying on the couch? Make them more comfortable by setting up an extender for them as a bedside table to hold water and books.

What are your surprising desk extender uses? Let us know below!

Top Exercises To Do At Your Standing Desk

Now that you’ve gotten a routine going of more movement while working, perhaps it is time to add a few strength exercises in throughout the day.

Below are some lower body exercises that can be done standing at your desk. Aim to do about 12 at a time. You can do these altogether, or in small batches.

Leg extension-
Stand at your desk, using the table top for balance only. Lift one leg out front, hold for 2 seconds. Put it down then left it out again to the side for 2 seconds. Repeat to the back. To make this exercise harder, don’t rest in between - just rotate your leg still in the air from front, to side, to back.

standing desk exercise leg extension

Reverse lunge-
Stand with your hands on your hips or reaching up overhead. Take a large step backwards with one foot. Lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the floor (your knee should be directly over your ankle). Your back leg should have a bent knee, with heel lifted.

Press your front heel into the floor and bring your back leg forward while you stand up. Switch legs and repeat.

standing desk exercise reverse lunge

Back up from your desk slightly more than arms reach, so you have room to move. Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, feet straight. Extend your arms out straight, palms down. Send your hips backwards while bending your knees, as if trying to sit in a chair a little far away from you. Try not to let your back round - chest and shoulders should stay upright, head facing forwards. Squat as deeply as your body will let you.

Pressing through your heels, push yourself back to standing.

standing desk exercise squats

Duck squat:
Similar to the above but working your muscles in a slightly different way - as above, but stand with your feet wider and pointing outwards to start. Proceed with the squat from there, still working to keep your chest up and head facing in front of you.

standing desk exercise duck squats

So You Bought A Standing Desk, Now What?

So you’ve got an adjustable standing desk or desk top extender - now what? We all know that just standing isn’t the answer, the key is in frequent movement. So now that you’ve adjusted to your standing desk, you might be ready for a little increased activity. Remember as with everything - moderation is key. Overdoing it is in some ways worse than not doing it at all.
Periodically through the day, throw in a few stretches to start. 
The Neck Stretch - Touch your ear to your shoulder and hold it there for a second or two. Switch sides.
The Chest Stretch - Stretch your arms back as if you were reaching for someone behind you. 
The Ab Stretch - Hands on your hips, bend a little bit backward. A little goes a long way here.
The Hip and Hamstring Stretch - Cross one ankle over the other, and forward bend. Switch sides.
Since we spend so much time hunched over our computers, stretching out the front of your body can feel amazing. 
What else can you do? If you aren’t already taking the stairs instead of the elevator, visiting co-workers in person instead of calling, and taking frequent breaks for water, try incorporating a few more of these during the day. Every bit helps!

Using T-Zone Standing Desks for Your Office

woman on phone using t-zone standing desk

Did you know T-Zone Standing Desks are available not only for retail sale, but for corporate accounts as well?

We have supplied head offices with our standing computer desks for such varied companies as Indigo Books, the Ontario College of Pharmacists, Shafir Law, and others. 

If your office is in the Toronto area, we can not only offer you discounted rates, but present to your staff about the health benefits of standing desks vs sitting and how our adjustable standing desk products can help. These presentations can be short or longer, and often are run during lunch hours for a ‘lunch and learn’ type of presentation. We can then go through your office for some one on one time to make sure that everyone has the adjustable standing desk they need, and knows. 

We can work with any size of company, large or small, or any particular departments that have an interest in switching to a sit/stand environment.

We feel that with the overwhelming evidence coming in about the dangers of prolonged sitting, it may soon be a health and safety requirement to offer standing options. 
Some tips:

We find it helps if departments work as a whole to introduce standing. It can feel a little funny to start to stand up all by yourself! It helps if your team  all sees the benefits of standing desks and encourage each other to make the switch.

Introducing an adjustable standing desk option can also be paired with any other health incentives or programs - such as a weight loss contest, or step counting competition. Keeping an eye on employee health can also be fun and it’s nice to have a whole rounded program that makes prolonged change. 

If price is an issue (and it always is) - remember T-Zone Standing Desks are some of the most affordable standing desks around. We have a solution for almost any price point, and pride ourselves on offering adjustable standing desks at an everyday price. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

No matter how you begin on your standing routine, start slowly and build your standing time up over weeks and even months. Just a few minutes a day is totally fine, and an improvement on sitting all day. If you stand for a few minutes every hour, you are making huge strides. Some people designate certain tasks for standing, such as whenever they get a phone call, or routine administrative tasks. 
Happy standing!

How To Video: How to set up and use your 4M, 4L or XT Standing Desk Extender

Need help adjusting and using your T-Zone Standing Desk Extender?

Watch our tutorial video below to help you adjust and use your T-Zone Standing Desk Extender properly. 

The video tutorial is compatible with our 4M, 4L and XT Standing Desk Extenders.


You’ll see it comes with a stopper – it’s easy, either side - just put the posts right into the two little holes. Just slap that in and that will help keep your keyboard or laptop or whatever on the surface.

To lock and unlock
The lock has an on and an off position - so to unlock the leg, just rotate, slide the lock out to the ‘on’ position away from the leg, and the leg will move freely.

Extender set up

So now that I’ve got it unlocked, I can move the leg out of the way and unlock the whole thing to move the legs into position. Now, the system works on a ‘notch’ system, so in order to find the exact right spot to lock, I can listen for the clicks. There’s a click at the top of the notch, and a click at the next notch, and the valley is where the pin will go to lock it into place. So if I find the spot it just locks right into place. There we go.

So you see we’ve got it in a Z formation, you can just make that higher or lower depending on your height, put the laptop in front of the stopper, and just type away.

Using a monitor

If you’re using this as a monitor riser of course you’re going to go a little higher – not too high, you don’t want to be looking up at your monitor, that’s a little hard on your neck - so just where it’s comfortable for you. So get it into position, lock your legs evenly, making sure your table top is parallel over the legs, so it’s even, and there you go – monitor stand.

Using a keyboard

So if you’re using this as a keyboard tray it doesn’t need to be too high – just about right angle for your wrists (elbows) – just put it into a Z formation again, keeping your legs as even as you can, lock them into place – you can have the stopper in front of you, especially if you have it at a little angle, and you can just have that as your wrist rest.

Square desk for writing

If you’re going to use it for writing, and you have a 4-leg version, we suggest using a square formation. What that does is it gives you a little extra stability because as a table top you lean on the top of the leg.  So that’s a square there, locking everything into place, on both sides, and then you have an area for writing on with a little bit of extra stability.



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