• Using T-Zone Standing Desks for Your Office
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    Max Chan

Using T-Zone Standing Desks for Your Office

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Did you know T-Zone Standing Desks are available not only for retail sale, but for corporate accounts as well?

We have supplied head offices with our standing computer desks for such varied companies as Indigo Books, the Ontario College of Pharmacists, Shafir Law, and others. 

If your office is in the Toronto area, we can not only offer you discounted rates, but present to your staff about the health benefits of standing desks vs sitting and how our adjustable standing desk products can help. These presentations can be short or longer, and often are run during lunch hours for a ‘lunch and learn’ type of presentation. We can then go through your office for some one on one time to make sure that everyone has the adjustable standing desk they need, and knows. 

We can work with any size of company, large or small, or any particular departments that have an interest in switching to a sit/stand environment.

We feel that with the overwhelming evidence coming in about the dangers of prolonged sitting, it may soon be a health and safety requirement to offer standing options. 
Some tips:

We find it helps if departments work as a whole to introduce standing. It can feel a little funny to start to stand up all by yourself! It helps if your team  all sees the benefits of standing desks and encourage each other to make the switch.

Introducing an adjustable standing desk option can also be paired with any other health incentives or programs - such as a weight loss contest, or step counting competition. Keeping an eye on employee health can also be fun and it’s nice to have a whole rounded program that makes prolonged change. 

If price is an issue (and it always is) - remember T-Zone Standing Desks are some of the most affordable standing desks around. We have a solution for almost any price point, and pride ourselves on offering adjustable standing desks at an everyday price. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

No matter how you begin on your standing routine, start slowly and build your standing time up over weeks and even months. Just a few minutes a day is totally fine, and an improvement on sitting all day. If you stand for a few minutes every hour, you are making huge strides. Some people designate certain tasks for standing, such as whenever they get a phone call, or routine administrative tasks. 
Happy standing!
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    Max Chan